registration form check and Enter into database produces server 500 error 
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 registration form check and Enter into database produces server 500 error

the following is what ive been trying.
Create a registration form, first have the required fields be checked by
Client script.
If they are ok, then post the form, and some serverside script enter the
stuff into the database(Access2000). It's a fairly long procedure
If there is a much easier way f doing it, then id appreciate the info about

Hard thing about this page, is that the entire messageboard action
(register, login, post, edit etc) takes place in the same file. (index.asp)
,. Its working for a large part through includes, depending on the
The following is show in the browser if the QueryString("id")="register"
   ' Define Connection variables and Required-field variables
   ' the Reg is added after cn and rs, cos i use multiple recordsets in the
index file. naming them all cn and rs
   ' will give an ASP compilation error.And this helps keeping the
recordsets apart.
   Dim cnReg
   Dim rsReg
   Dim strUsername
   Dim strPassword
   Dim strEmail
   Dim strStatus

   '  Stuff the required-field variables with the Form-data
   ' I dont have to check these(are they filled out or not), cos a
clientside script has allready done that.
   strUsername = request.Form("txtUsername")
   strPassword = request.Form("txtPassword")
   strEmail = request.Form("txtEmail")
   strStatus = request.Form("txtStatus")

   ' Check whether optional fields are filled out.
   '  If they are, build and define a variable for them
   If request.Form("txtFname")<>"" Then
    Dim strFname
    strFname = request.Form("txtFname")
   End If
   If request.Form("txtLname")<>"" Then
    Dim strLname
    strLname = request.Form("txtLname")
   End if
   If request.Form("txtAddress")<>"" Then
    Dim strAddress
    strAddress = request.Form("txtAddress")
   End if
   If request.Form("txtZip")<>"" Then
    Dim strZip
    strZip = request.Form("txtZip")
   End if
   If request.Form("txtCity")<>"" Then
    Dim strCity
    strCity = request.Form("txtCity")
   End if
   If request.Form("txtProvince")<>"" Then
    Dim strProvince
    strProvince = request.Form("txtProvince")
   End if
   If request.Form("txtCountry")<>"" Then
    Dim strCountry
    strCountry = request.Form("txtCountry")
   End if
   If request.Form("txtNotes")<>"" Then
    Dim strNotes
    strNotes = request.Form("txtNotes")
   End if
   If request.Form("txtICQ")<>"" Then
    Dim strIcq
    strIcq = request.Form("txtICQ")
   End if
   If request.Form("txtUrl")<>"" Then
    Dim strUrl
    strUrl = request.Form("txtUrl")
   End if

   ' Open ADO recordset
   Set cnReg = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
   Set rsReg = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
   cnReg.Open "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver
   rsReg.CursorType = adOpenKeyset
   rsReg.LockType = adLockOptimistic
   rsReg.Source = "user"
   rsReg.ActiveConnection = cnReg

   ' Construct the fields to be added to the database (required fields).
   rsReg.Fields("user") = strUsername
   rsReg.Fields("pass") = strPassword
   rsReg.Fields("status") = strStatus
   rsReg.Fields("email") = strEmail
   ' Construct the fields to be added to the database (Optional fields).
   If request.Form("txtFname")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("fname") = strFname
   End If
   If request.Form("txtLname")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("lnamr") = strLname
   End If
   If request.Form("txtAddress")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("address") = strAddress
   End If
   If request.Form("txtZip")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("zip") = strZip
   End If
   If request.Form("txtProvince")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("province") = strProvince
   End If
   If request.Form("txtCity")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("city") = strCity
   End If
   If request.Form("txtCountry")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("country") = strCountry
   End If
   If request.Form("txtNotes")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("notes") = strNotes
   End If
   If request.Form("txtICQ")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("icq") = strIcq
   End If
   If request.Form("txtUrl")<>"" Then
     rsReg.Fields("url") = strUrl
   End If

 ' Execute the update and set a session variable

 ' Clean up and redirect.
   Set rsReg = Nothing
   Set cnReg = Nothing
This code produces the Server 500 error. When I receive ASP Compile errors,
it gives me linenumbers and error descriptions in return, but a server 500
doesnt tell me anything usefull about the error. Can anyone give a push in
the right direction or possibly have the answer?

Thanx very much in advance =)


Mon, 20 Oct 2003 05:10:27 GMT  
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