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 Help with MS Script Editor

I am an experienced Visual Basic programmer. I am trying to develop a
web page that contains an activex control and a (client-side) VBScript
(to be used on a private LAN only with IE only). I created the initial
version of this page using Front Page 2K.

I stumbled into what I thought was MSE when my script generated an
error and it asked me if I wanted to debug. I said yes and found
myself in an editor where I could do all sorts of debugging, single
stepping, etc. much like what I'm used to in VB. I THINK this was MSE.
I found the program and created a shortcut on my desktop. But then,
when I used it again (to open an .HTM file or "debug" my way into it)
it behaved differently - not allowing me to do the single-stepping,
for instance. Later, I shut down and did some other things. When I
started up MSE again and loaded the page, it instead RAN the page in
IE. Now I can't even edit the page!

Any idea what I'm up against here? What do I have to do to get back to
the original, full function editor I had at first? Was it MSE?

FWIW, the machine I'm working on is running Office 2000 Premium on NT4
and has Visual Basic 5 (not 6) on it. Any advice or suggestion will be
greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Sun, 05 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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