Questions about Load Balanced IIS Design. 
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 Questions about Load Balanced IIS Design.

I'm about to release a web app and because a version of the app will be made
available for free I'm concerned about the scalability required when it
becomes successful.  To make maters more difficult I have no venture capital
so I simply cannot hook the app's lan to multiple OC3's.  To get around this
I developed the following diagram, http://www.*-*-*.com/

The diagram lays out the client interface to my system.  First I will have
"load balancing" script hosted by multiple ISPs.  My DNS entries will first
point to Load Balancer ISP 1 followed by .ISP 2 and .ISP N.  Load Balancer
ISP 2 - N will serve solely as backups.  Each "load balancer" will then use
a round-robin approach to redirect the user to ISP 1 - N on the diagram.
Each of these sites will store ASP independent of the DB and HTML.  ISP 1-N
will redirect ASP pages using the DB via a round-robin fashion to one of the
IIS servers connected to one of PANGEA's Internet connections at one of
PANGEA's sites.  The ASP will then access one of the SQLServers using a
round-robin approach.  The SQLServers will access the db's located in a
storage area network, SAN.  Each customer will only access their corporate
data so if SQLServer utilization (and reliability to a lesser degree) was
not a concern I could place each customer's data on the storage space
limited to one SQLServer and forget the SAN.

My first question is, "If anyone has tried this how did it turn out?"

My next question deals with the redirection occurring at the "load
 balancing" level.  I plan to write a C app containing a list of valid ISPs
to which I will via a round-robin method redirect the user.  When I redirect
their URL will read\index.htm versus  I
know there is some way around this because is certainly running on
more than one server.

Can I make come up instead of\index.htm?

The same problem will happen when I try to redirect to PANGEA's corporate
site.  With Yahoo when you enter search criteria and click search the URL
remains  Can I get the same effect-using ASP?

My third question is, "Are there any resources on this subject?"

Sorry about this being so long but it's rather difficult to describe out of



Tue, 17 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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