SWbemLocator: The RPC server is unavailable 
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 SWbemLocator: The RPC server is unavailable


I`m having problems with authentication.

`m running a VBScript from a computer(WinXP) in domainA. The useraccount
i`m locally logged in with is in DomainB.
The Servers(NT4/W2k) i connect to from the script is in domain C.

On the computers/servers the local useraccount has administrator rights, the
script runs just fine.

I get the error " SWbemLocator: The RPC server is unavailable" on the
objServices line. How do i get this script to run properly ?

set objLocator = createobject("wbemscripting.swbemlocator")
set objServices =

Sat, 23 Apr 2005 16:07:00 GMT  
 SWbemLocator: The RPC server is unavailable
I am having the same problem.. I just recently loaded XP and now I
cannot use scripts that previously worked with 2000?  HELP !

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Sat, 30 Apr 2005 15:29:11 GMT  
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