Passing variant array from VBScript to ATL 
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 Passing variant array from VBScript to ATL


I'm trying to pass a variant array from VBScript to my ActiveX
Component written using ATL. The code is something like this


Dim InputArgs(1)
Dim OutputArgs(0)
Dim Status

InputArgs(0) = 34
returnVal = MyObject.DoSomething("Action", InputArgs, OutputArgs)


STDMETHODIMP CMyObject::DoSomething(BSTR bstrName, VARIANT vInArgs,
VARIANT *pvOutArgs)
//what should i do here ???
return S_OK;



How can I get the input argument values in the ATL Code. The value of
vInArgs.vt is VT_VARIANT|VT_BYREF, however vInArgs.pvarVal doesn't
contain valid data.


Rohitab Batra
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