Converting SQL Server/MSDE code to Jet SQL 
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 Converting SQL Server/MSDE code to Jet SQL

What is involved in converting ASP code written for SQL Server to run with
Jet SQL?

I build websites using Access and Jet SQL. They are adequate for my
purposes, and a lot cheaper than SQL Server.

On my PC, I have MS Web Matrix, & MSDE. Web Matrix will write code for MSDE
& SQL Server, but not Jet.

If I use Web Matrix, will it be hard to convert the code to work with Jet?
It certainly appears that I'll be able to create the code a lot faster using
Web Matrix's visual interface. Currently, I write it in FrontPage's HTML

Thanks in advance!

David Martin
Web Developer
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Thu, 11 Aug 2005 13:10:46 GMT  
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