unicode and ANSI string manipulation repost 
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 unicode and ANSI string manipulation repost

 I extract a string from Access database and display it on a cell.
 I have to insert a "<BR>"  in a string to tailor its length for displaying.
 For ANSI string, it was successful.
 But for unicode, it was not. When i insert a <BR> in the string, it become
 ?BR> and displaying on the screen, instead of a new line.
 any solution?

 The following is the code:
 'This function insert a return tag after a number of delimiter
 'The delimiter is usually a space character
 'tag: "<BR>"
 'delimiter: " "
 'l: length of text line defined(e.g 140 each line)
 Function insertTag(str, tag, delimiter, l)
 strToPut = ""
 While (Len(str) > l)
 head = Left(str, l)
 pos = InStrRev(head, " ")
 if (pos = 0) then
 pos = l + 1
 End if
 text = Left(head, pos-1)
 strToPut = strToPut & text & tag
 str = Right(str, Len(str) - pos)
 strToPut = strToPut & str
 insertTag = strToPut
 End Function

 someone suggest me to use the replace function:
 memofield = rs("memofield")
 memofield = replace(memofield,vbCrLf,"?<br>")

What is vbCrLf? and where can i find the reference for this kind of special
 do the replace function work with unicode characters?

 thank u very much. Sorry for cross-post, but for some newsgroup, many
 post question and buried mine.
 By the way, I need some reference for Access 2000. any good note/web site

Sun, 26 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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