ActiveX custom event not firing HELP -- URGENT! 
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 ActiveX custom event not firing HELP -- URGENT!

We have developed an ActiveX control using VB 5.0.  When we reference it in
a web page on my development machine, everything works as expected.
However, when we installed the control on a test client machine (using a
stand-alone setup generated by the VB Application Setup Wizard), the same
web page displays the control correctly but does not fire its custom event
procedure.  (We put a MsgBox at the beginning of the event procedure, and it
is never reached.)

We are displaying a very simple web page using IE 4.01 on the development
machine, and IE 4.0 on the client machine.  Both machines are using VBScript
version 3.1.  Why might the control's event procedure fire on the
development machine, but not on the test machine?

Since we are using the same version of the same control, we presume that it
is a problem with either VBScript or IE4 installation, or (more likely) an
IE4 setting.

Can anybody help us?


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Mon, 19 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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