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 complex database_question


I am a newbie in programming and i have a bit of an idea what i have to do
but i got stuck ...

I have this database with questions and answers in it, per category, which I
want to insert
into a webpage.
Nothing bad until here... but i want to have them their a couple of
questions randomly, per category.
How to get them random and still hold them in the same category ?
trying to explain it with a basic flow chart ...

cat1    -----    Q1
cat2    -----    Q1
cat3    -----    Q1
---------questionary to vistor this time (example) cat1-Q1,Q3

cat2- Q4,Q1

cat3 -Q2,Q3

I hope this is a bit comprehensive ... and that someone is 'that' kind to
help me on the tracks

Thanx in advance


Tue, 15 Apr 2003 03:25:06 GMT  
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