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 new line

append a cr/lf on the end of each line. i.e

text1.text = "this" & vbcrlf & "will" & vbcrlf & "work"

Harbinder Gill

> I know hot to make a new line in perl (\n)
> and in C++

> But I wan wondering how to do it in VB.

> I want to take a textbox (with multiline enabled) and every time I add
> something to it it starts a new line.

> so it would read

> line1
> line2
> line3
> line4

> and not

> line1line2line3line4

> Is this posible?

> Thanks

>    -Sven Goulie
> --

> "Always plan for stupidity, and even if your wrong you are not
> disapointed."

Thu, 20 Nov 2003 02:10:27 GMT  
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