Error Querying ADSI via VBScript: "The Network Path Was Not Found" 
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 Error Querying ADSI via VBScript: "The Network Path Was Not Found"

I'm trying to determine how many licences of a particular software package
our users are using...

I'm doing this by checking if a particular file exist on their machines by
querying via ADSI in VBScript. The code is at the end of this msg...

I started to make some real progress, but after adding a few bits of code to
check a few things out (nothing significant) I get an error:
"PdfSpy2.vbs(44, 3) (null): The network path was not found.".

If I comment out the code concerned (see label *A*), it works... However, if
I add in the code at label *B*, I get the same error at that line later
on... The code is valid as far as I am concerned; I think that the program
is getting confused/overloaded or such-like...

Any ideas?



Option Explicit

Dim oDomain, oPC

Dim S, M

Dim sPath

Dim oFSO, oFile, oLog

Dim sOS, x

Function Lpad(S,N)

If IsNumeric(N) Then

Lpad = S & Space(N-Len(S))


Lpad = S

End if

End Function

Function Rpad(S,N)

If IsNumeric(N) Then

Rpad = Space(N-Len(S)) & S


Rpad = S

End if

End Function

Function FormatKilo(N)

FormatKilo = FormatNumber((N/(1024)),0)

End Function

Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set oDomain = GetObject("WinNT://HEXADEX")

Set oLog = oFSO.CreateTextFile("PDFLog.txt",true)

oDomain.Filter = Array("Computer")


Wscript.Echo "Starting...."


For Each oPC In oDomain


S = oPC.Name

If Right(oPC.OperatingSystemVersion,4) = "v5.0" Then                *A*




End if

sPath = "\\" & oPC.Name & "\C$\" & sOS

If oFSO.FolderExists(sPath) Then

WScript.Echo x & ": " & Lpad(S,18) & " - no prog files"


sPath = "\\" & oPC.Name & "\C$\" & sOS &

If oFSO.FileExists(sPath) Then

M = ""

M = M & Lpad(S,18) & Lpad(oFSO.GetFileVersion(sPath),12)

'M = M & oPC.OperatingSystem & " v" & oPC.OperatingSystemVersion         *B*

oLog.WriteLine M

Wscript.Echo x & ": " & M


WScript.Echo x & ": " & Lpad(S,18) & " - n/a"

End If

End If

If x=5 then Exit For



MsgBox ("PDFSpy Completed")

Sun, 26 Jun 2005 20:52:20 GMT  
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