Request Object and dynamic form item names 
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 Request Object and dynamic form item names

I'm trying to access a form item using a name that I build dynamically and
cannot get this to work.

I'm processing the input using ASP/VBScript.  I have a field defined on the
form with name="fld_123".   In my VBScipt which processes the form, I can
reference that field using the standard Request object.... e.g.
Request("fld_123")  .  But what I really need to do is to reference that
variable using a dynamically-computed name such as:
tmpkey = "fld_" & "123"
theval = Request(tmpkey)

I get an empty string every time I try to use a variable in the Request
command.  The only thing that works is a literal.

Any suggestions?


Tue, 25 Nov 2003 00:16:35 GMT  
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