Passing Values to asp page 
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 Passing Values to asp page

that should do it. as a matter of fact that's how *I* do it. but i set up my
ASP code w/ a select statement...

select case ucase(trim(request.form("action")))
    case "ADD"
    case "SEARCH"
        'more stuff
    case "DELETE"
        'even more stuff
end select

one other tip, i wouldn't call my form "form" its bad practice to use script
keywords as identifiers. i'd go w/ "frmBooks" or something along those lines


Jim Bolla, Web/Software Developer
Distributed Network Software, LLC

> Hi
> I am trying to get to pass value on which button got pushed(add, delete,

> search)
> from htm page to asp page

> My htm page
> ...
> <FORM NAME="Form" Action="BooksSQL.asp" METHOD="POST">
> ....

> <INPUT TYPE="Submit" NAME="Action" VALUE="Add">
> <INPUT TYPE="Submit" NAME="Action" VALUE="Search">
> <INPUT TYPE="Submit" NAME="Action" VALUE="Delete">

> My asp page (BooksSQL.asp)
> If  Request.Form("Action") = "Add" Then
>     etc..
> ElseIf Request.Form("Action")="Search" Then
>     etc...
> ElseIf Request.Form("Action")="Delete" Then
>     etc...

> What do I need to put in my htm page to send values

> Thanks in advance

Mon, 18 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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