How to Auto Run a Cab File Packaged as an .exe 
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 How to Auto Run a Cab File Packaged as an .exe

Hi All,

I want to run a cab file with out the use of the object tag it would install
files need by the control which comes with different kinds of files to
support it, since the control is already registered on the client machine I
can't use the CodeBase attribute of the Object Tag, so I packaged the needed
files using Package for the web utility, and using a VBScript scanned for
installed files on user's sysdir, if files do not exist , I want to initiate
the installation process from within the script without user
interference,(Make silent installation) even thought user still must deal
with installation process after initiating.

Thanks in advance.

Thu, 27 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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