detect installed codec/avoid upgrading 
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 detect installed codec/avoid upgrading

hi there,

is there a possibility to detect what
codecs are installed in the mediaplayer
If I use the GetCodecDescription()-
method along with CodecCount, I
just get the codec of the currently
running video... which is nothing else
than the information given by right-
clicking the movie and choosing the
My intention is to open a file with
a player embedded in HTML;
I encoded the video in several dif-
ferent codecs, I detect what player
version is installed 5.2, 6.0, 6.4, 7.0
and then choose the appropriate
with some combination of player-versions
and platform-security-settings the user is
prompted to download codecs;
Unfortunately I must avoid this (usefull)
popup; so I thought of simply detect what
codec will be supported without upgrading.
Since playerdetection in windows is done
by using VBScript, I assume the codec-
detection is accomplished in a similar way,
but I couldn't find a solution by means of
DEJANEWS - any suggestions for:

1. detecting the codecs allready installed
2. avoiding any kind of upgrading (video
should then simply not play)

thx a lot

Jrgen Riemer

Sat, 10 Apr 2004 21:40:43 GMT  
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