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 Connect, Header Tag, Download


I am trying to connect to a website, pass uid&pw as header tag, pass
download parameters for an unassisted download.
I have spent hours, days looking for solution, in vb, VBScript, etc
NGs.  I have tried many diff angles but always one piece doesn't work or
is unacceptable for the task.  Will use script but don't see how to send
header tag, but prefer VB so I can do the rest of my db updates and
reporting at one time.  Example from vendor is in Java which I am not

WebBrowser Control works great for the connection and request but
requires user to save file:
, Headers:="Authorization: Basic PASSWORD" & Chr$(13) & Chr$(10)

Loop Until Not webbrowser .Busy
' kludge to repond to "Save File?" although doesn't always work,
especially when looping to send multiple requests
SendKeys "{ENTER}", True

Loop Until Not webbrowser.Busy
' kludge to repond to "Save As?" and accept the name supplied by website

SendKeys "{ENTER}", True
Loop Until Not webbrowser.Busy

Using Internet Transfer Control am not getting authorized access.
Reading the html returned I can see 'Unauthorized...'
and never quits executing:
sURL = ""
sData =

sHeader = "Authorization: Basic PASSWORD" & Chr$(13) & Chr$(10)

Inet1.Execute sURL, "GET", sData, sHeader

Thanks so much,


Wed, 19 Nov 2003 00:55:53 GMT  
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