execute a script on the background on a website 
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 execute a script on the background on a website

Hi all,I'm a lil stuck here with a prob.

I have Cable since today, and I took the chance to get the streaming cam
onto my website.
Now I want to let a script ping my PC before writing anything to the
browser. this is to make sure, that my cam is available, and does not show
up as an ugly red cross.
But letting the gobal.asa fiel r some similar thing execute a ping,
seriously delays the loading of the page, since Pings can take several
seconds to complete.

Is there a way, that I can execute the ping at pageload, then have the page
displayed while the ping is still running. If the ping finishes, have the
output writen to a session variable or something, and when the user
refreshes the page, display something according to the ping output..

sounds a lil complicated, but I hope you can follow.
My cam will be online most of the time, but i need to catch the event when
it isnt online, and disply a nice ' not available' icon or something.

The things I allready have active:
- display the cam (with possibility to hide/show it on the site)
- Ping my Pc and log the output

but as you can guess, pinging the site every page reload will seriously
annoy ppl after a few times..

Jope someone can help me with this
Thanks lots in advance, Jim

Wed, 31 Dec 2003 04:55:14 GMT  
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