script newbie - multiple combo boxes 
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 script newbie - multiple combo boxes

I have several combo boxes within a form on an asp page.  There are nine in
total in three groups of three.  The first combo contain the 12 months in a
year, the second contains the values 1 to 31, and the third contains years.

When the user selects feb. from the month combo and 29 from the day combo, I
only want the leap year values in the year combo.  So I have a function that
will do this, but I want to make this function reusable for any group of
combo boxes.  For instance, here is the code if the user changes the day

function ChildDayBirth_OnChange()
 if document.form.ChildDayBirth.selectedIndex = 30 AND
document.form.ChildMonthBirth.selectedindex = 3 Then
  end if
end function

sub YearLeap()
 dim icnt
 for icnt = 0 to 101
 for icnt = 1904 to 2000 step 4
  set oOption = document.createElement("OPTION")
  oOption.text = icnt
 set icnt = nothing
end sub

What I want to be able to do is call YearLeap from other combo box groups.
I cannot pass the name of the combo to YearLeap and then change the code to
something like document.form.SOMECOMBO.remove(index), that doesn't work.  Is
there a way to do this.  Thanks.


Fri, 09 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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