strange scripting problem in IE6 on WinXP 
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 strange scripting problem in IE6 on WinXP

I built a simple ActiveX control using VB6 SP5 and deployed it on a Windows
XP machine. The control exposes a single method and, scripted in JScript,
was working fine up until yesterday.

Yesterday it stopped working in a somewhat bizarre way. The control gets
created on the page fine. When its single method is called, on a click of a
button, the following error is reported: "The object doesn't support this
property or method". I viewed the control's type information using OleView
and the method is there. There is no spelling mistake in the script. I tried
renaming the method and building a few test controls without success. It
seems that I can't call methods on any of the controls I built on this
particular computer. Exactly the same script and controls work on other

Any ideas on what might have caused this problem?



Sat, 20 Nov 2004 22:56:13 GMT  
 strange scripting problem in IE6 on WinXP
Instead of

    myObjectId.somemethod ...
    myObjectId.someproperty = ...


    myObjectId.object.somemethod ...
    myObjectId.object.someproperty = ...

You aren't really supposed to need to add the object's object property in syntax unless the object has a method/property that matches a method/property of the <OBJECT> element itself.  And it may not solve your specific problem.

But I've seen cases where there was no name conflict but would not work without it.  In one case in particular, property references would work without it but not method references on the same object instance...go figure ;-)...

Michael Harris
Seattle WA US

Wed, 01 Dec 2004 09:13:03 GMT  
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