passing variables from VBS to JS 
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 passing variables from VBS to JS

Hi ppl,
    xPos and yPos correspond to the current x,y positions of the mouse (captured using window.event.x in VBS).. this works.. but what i want to do now is to pass these two variables to a javascript, how would i do this ?
here's some code:
                            <script type="" language="JavaScript">
                            function doStyles(xPos,yPos){
                                alert(xPos + "," + yPos)

                            <script type="" language="VBS">
                            sub getMouseLocation()
                             dim xPos 'x position of mouse
                             dim yPos 'y position of mouse

                             xPos = window.event.x
                             yPos = window.event.y

                             msgbox xpos & "," & ypos
                             end sub 'mouse location

Mon, 30 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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