How to open an Outlook 98 .MSG file? 
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 How to open an Outlook 98 .MSG file?

This works for me...

set shell = createobject("") "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\temp.msg"

Michael Harris

  I have an application in which I send VBScript commands to
  Outlook 98 via OLE.

  I want to tell Outlook to display a .MSG file - in the same way as if
  the user had double-clicked on the filename in Windows Explorer. I
  can't see how to do this.

  I can open the file with Outlook's CreateItemFromTemplate method but
  that doesn't display the file in the same way (it creates a new

  This must be something that's very easy to do but I really can't see

  Any ideas?


Wed, 22 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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