Getting Double POST actions 
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 Getting Double POST actions

I have an ASP page (lets call it test.asp) with 2 separate forms on it.
Form1 has a selection box control whose onchange method refers to a VBScript
subroutine whose only line is form1.submit(). The form1 method is POST and
the action is set to test.asp (calls itself). Form 2 has a button whose
onchange method calls a vbscript subroutine that does some entry validation.
If the data is all OK, then the subroutine executes a form2.submit()
command. Form2 method is POST and the action is set to test.asp (calls

When either the Form1 selection box changes, or the form2 button is clicked,
the action of the page is as if the action had been taken twice. For
example, when the form2 button is clicked it calls itself twice. The form
action is to add data to the database so this causes the same data to be
added twice.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing and solutions to this will be


Sat, 25 Oct 2003 04:21:25 GMT  
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