using the animated progress bar 
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 using the animated progress bar

I can use the animated bar as follows for my script and will will copy
all files and directories.

        ' Source = "C:\Batch\*.*"
        ' Dest = "D:\Batch\"
        ' ProgressBar.Namespace(DataDest).CopyHere DataSource
         'Set ProgressBar = Nothing ' clean up

I need to copy selected files from an array that exists and this is what
i use

 Set ProgressBar = CreateObject("Shell.Application")

        For Each File In aryModifiedFiles
            Pos = InStrRev(File,"\")
            Path = Left(File,Pos -1)
            Newdest = Dest & Right(Path, Len(Path)-2) 'remove the first
2 charactures in the string
            'NewFile = Dest & Right(File, Len(File)-2)
            msgbox Newdest & "   " & File
            ProgressBar.Namespace(Newdest).CopyHere File
              ' msgbox file
       Next 'File

The problem is this method does not create the directories. I do not
want to copy all file (too many) just the list in the array which was
created from scanning the files and retrieving the archive bit

Sun, 01 Feb 2004 03:18:26 GMT  
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