Passing arguments ByRef from VBScript to COMAdmin component 
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 Passing arguments ByRef from VBScript to COMAdmin component

i'm using the COMAdmin library from VBScript to perform various
component installation and configuration, and for the most part, is
working perfectly.

however, i'm wanting to use the COMAdminCatalog's QueryApplicationFile
method, which returns various attributes about a COM+ MSI application

from VB (not vb script) this method's interface looks like this:

Sub QueryApplicationFile(bstrApplicationFile As String,
    bstrApplicationName As String, bstrApplicationDescription As
    bHasUsers As Boolean, bIsProxy As Boolean, varFileNames() As

from VB i can call it like this:

    Dim strQAApplicationName As String
    Dim strQAApplicationDescription As String
    Dim bQAHasUsers As Boolean
    Dim bQAIsProxy As Boolean
    Dim varQAFileNames() As Variant

        strQAApplicationDescription, bQAHasUsers, bQAIsProxy,

where sFilePath specifies the application file, and all the other
parameters are return parameters.  this works fine, and returns all
the expected values.

however, the same code (without the type names, of course) fails in VB
Script with error 13 (Type mismatch).  i don't know exactly which
ByRef parameter the call is failing on, alhought i'm suspecting either
the variant array or the strings.

the COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalog component's IDL looks like this:

interface ICOMAdminCatalog : IDispatch {
    HRESULT QueryApplicationFile(
        [in] BSTR bstrApplicationFile,
        [out] BSTR* bstrApplicationName,
        [out] BSTR* bstrApplicationDescription,
        [out] VARIANT_BOOL* bHasUsers,
        [out] VARIANT_BOOL* bIsProxy,
        [out] SAFEARRAY(VARIANT)* varFileNames);


i've tried changing the variant array declaration in VBScript to a
single variant rather than a variant array of variants, ie. removed
the () brackets.  this results in the same error.  likewise,
predeclaring an array size (eg. 255) also results in the same error.

could anyone shed any light on what precisely is going wrong here, and
how i might be able to call this method from VBScript?  i'd rather
avoid having to write my own COM wrapper, but am prepared to do so if

thanks in advance


Fri, 15 Jul 2005 17:48:36 GMT  
 Passing arguments ByRef from VBScript to COMAdmin component
Doesn't look VBScript friendly to me.  VBScript can't coerce a variant
argument to a strongly typed (i.e., non-variant) byref method parameter.

You don't control the source of the COM method in question, but the
following KB articles describe how the authors *should* have done it to make
it VBScript friendly...

Q197957 - PRB: Passing Parameters By Reference to a VC COM Object

Q197956 - PRB: Passing Parameters By Reference to a VB COM Object

Q174576 - HOWTO: Return Arrays from Server-Side Objects in ASP

Q218454 - HOWTO: Implement Array Arguments in Visual C++ COM Objects for
Active Server Pages

Q217114 - HOWTO: Implement Array Arguments in Visual Basic COM Objects for
Active Server Pages

Type Mismatch When Passing Parameters from ASP to VB

Michael Harris
Seattle WA US

Sat, 16 Jul 2005 08:36:10 GMT  
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