Trying to get data from MS Access table (not using ASP) 
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 Trying to get data from MS Access table (not using ASP)

A product we use allows us to use VBScript to
perform custom functions.  I am trying to write
out data to a table in MS Access.  I can write
the info out to Excel without any trouble, but it
doesn't seem to work with Access.
Does anyone have a small sample script which does
this to help me on my way.  Here is my XL sample
for reference.  Thanks, MJK

Option Explicit
Dim ExcelSheet

Sub YourSubName
        Set ExcelSheet = CreateObject
        ExcelSheet.Application.Visible = True
= "This is column B, row 1"
        ExcelSheet.SaveAs "C:\temp\TEST2.XLS"
        Set ExcelSheet = Nothing
End Sub

Call YourSubName

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