autoaccept script error 
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 autoaccept script error

The script I use to autoaccept meeting requests fails with this error:

A fatal error (0x86664004) occurred in an IExchangeEventSink while
processing message [Subject = "Canceled: test"].
12/18/00 11:11:28 Run time error at line 108. Source: Collaboration Data
Objects Error: 4ea. Description:  [Collaboration Data Objects -

here is part of the script:

 Set oAppt = oMtg.GetAssociatedAppointment
          Resp = oUser.GetFreeBusy(oAppt.starttime, oAppt.endtime, 30)
       Call DebugAppend("Free/busy times = " & Resp,False)

          If Resp = g_Const_CdoFree then
            Call DebugAppend("Free - Accepting meeting",False)
         Set oMtgResp = oMtg.Respond(cint(g_Const_CDOResponseAccepted))
         oMtgResp.Text = "Conf room available. Meeting accepted."
               Call DebugAppend("Declining meeting",False)
         Set oMtgResp =
ond(cint(g_Const_CDOResponseDeclined))          ---------------------- line
         oMtgResp.Text = "Conf room unavailable for selected time. Meeting
          End If

The script works most of the time but when I try to cancel a meeting, it
fails, like this.

Sun, 08 Jun 2003 00:30:13 GMT  
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