weird error...Response.Redirect fails 
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 weird error...Response.Redirect fails

Hi all,

I have a weird lil prob, wich I have never seen before.

The following code produces an error when i try to run the page.

<% If request.QueryString("id")="" Then
   End If

It produces the following error:

Error Type:
Active Server Pages, ASP 0221 (0x80004005)
The specified 'If request.QueryString("id")="" Then
response.redirect("forum.asp") End If ' option is unknown or invalid.
/intranet/forum/forum.asp, line 2

I never had this problem before, and the code is correct thios way. I
checked it many times over, and finally vopy/pasted it from a page where it
does work. (on a different server that is)

This page is run on our newly installed intranet server.(Win2k Server,
IIS5 ) Could it be that the default win2k VBScript version doesnt support
this function?


Sat, 13 Dec 2003 17:59:41 GMT  
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