Possible Possible ASP Scripting Enhancements: compilation, queuing, resident programs 
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 Possible Possible ASP Scripting Enhancements: compilation, queuing, resident programs

In reference to ASP under IIS:
I. Past posts by Eric Lippert indicate some consideration of script
compiler(s). Are there currently any plans to provide for compiled ASP
VBScript and JScript? This would allow
a) faster startup of scripts (no compilation during initial or later
b) faster script execution, thanks to optimization in the compile phase,
c) possible compilation to native code if desireable.

II. ASP scripts are currently executed AFAIK on a "first-in-first-out"
basis. That is, there is a single queue for ASP script requests. Could a
queueing method be implemented so that
a) there are several priorities of scripts,
b) high-priority scripts receive a larger slice of processing time,
c) each priority level has it's own sub-queue?
If a site had no need for these options, they could run with a single
priority level (and single queue) just as is currently done (again

III.Could an option be added so a script can be marked as "resident"?
Such a script would be loaded to memory (and compiled, under the current
scheme) when the web server starts and would remain resident in memory
until the web server was stopped. That is, the compiled script would not
be unloaded from memory under any circumstances. Then time-critical
scripts could be marked as "resident" and would, of course, process
queue entries from the highest-priority queue.

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