every day show Monday and Friday of the week on a form 
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 every day show Monday and Friday of the week on a form

I am new at ASP. I had to add a date format to a form that employees print
out any day of the week. It always had to show the Monday and Friday of the
current workweek.

I did this and so far it works fine but I am not sure why.

Dim KcmDate, MonDay, FriDay
KcmDate = CDate(FormatDateTime(Now,2))
MonDay = KcmDate + 1 - (WeekDay(KcmDate, vbMonday))
Friday = MonDay + 4

For the week of Monday <%Response.Write (MonDay) & " - Friday " & (Friday)%>

Any other simpler ideas to do the same thing?

ken miller

Sun, 20 Jul 2003 12:49:57 GMT  
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