Helpdesk Reset NT Passwords 
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 Helpdesk Reset NT Passwords

I am trying to have 2 checks..

1 : Check the password they type in against the NT domain.  (or just
authenticate as them to see if it returns no error)

2 : Check to make sure they are in the HelpdeskWeb global group.

Thanks and a little more information is below..
 I am trying to write an asp app for our helpdesk so they can reset users
NT4 domain passwords without having domain administrator rights.  I've done
this in the past with perl so they can type their network username /
password and it runs a 3rd party function from ADMINMISC called LOGONASUSER
but I can't seem to do it in pure vb/asp.

Please help .. this is killing me...

Anthony B
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Sun, 17 Jul 2005 09:07:23 GMT  
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