Inserting data into bookmarks W2000 
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 Inserting data into bookmarks W2000


I thank all those in advance who help.

I have a small problem inserting data into the correct bookmarks on Word
2000. I am probably going something silly but I can't quite put my finger on

I have added bookmarks FN, IN, SN to a word document "Template.doc" and I
use the following code to insert the data.

set Word = CreateObject("Word.Basic")
Word.FileOpen "C:\temp\Template.doc"
With Word
    .EditGoto "FN"
    .Insert node.FN
    .EditGoto "IN"
    .Insert node.IN
    .EditGoto "SN"
    .Insert node.SN
end with

The results of this code are that the 3 data items are always inserted at
the start of the document

SmithAJohn Forename    :
Initials        :
Surname    :

The VBScript is on a web page and the code is executed on a push of an HTML

Thanks again

Mon, 14 Jul 2003 23:26:48 GMT  
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