Finding out VPN properties through VBScript 
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 Finding out VPN properties through VBScript

I am attempting to detect the existance of a VPN
connection on a client through VBScript in an ASP page.

Our intranet contains certain resources that require the
user to be VPN'd into our network in order to access

For example, a user could connect to the site via the
Internet without a VPN connection:
but to get to a certain resource, they must be VPN'd in so
that the local address can be used:

I'd like to have the user that goes to:
be redirected to:
"response.redirect" works IF the user is VPN'd in.  If not
I'd like to detect this and tell them to VPN in.  If I
could find a way to initiate a VPN connection on the
client, that would be ideal.

Is this stuff possible?


Tue, 29 Nov 2005 05:11:04 GMT  
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