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 Outlook 98 Hlp Desk Application

I am trying to develop a couple of applications based on the Outlook 98
Help Desk Application. I have copied and renamed the application to my
public folders area on Exchange server. I need to change the script to
allow the form to automatically go to the assigned task folder in the
application when assigned to a technician. I have tried adjusting the
script to reflect this. ( See Below). The request never makes it to the
assigned task folder and gives an error that says
"AssignedItem.UserProperties.find(...)." If anyone has tried adjusting
this forms VB Script any help would be appreciated.


'* Procedure:   Submit_Click
'* Description:  When Submit is clicked, copy all fields into the
'*   Task item, and finally delete this item.

Sub Submit_Click
    If item.userProperties.find("AssignedTo").Value = "" Then
        temp = MsgBox("Please enter a technician before trying to assign
a task.",0,"Create Task")
 Assign = MsgBox ("This will create a task in the Assigned Tasks folder,
delete this item, and send mail to the technician indicating that they
have a task to complete",1,"Create Task")
 If Assign = 1 Then
  Set HelpDeskFolder = item.parent
  Set HelpDeskAppFolder = HelpDeskFolder.Parent
  Set TaskFolder = HelpDeskAppFolder.Folders("Assigned Clerical Tasks")
  Set AssignedItem = TaskFolder.Items.Add("IPM.Task.Assigned Clerical
  ' Populate the Assigned Task form with all the corresponding fields in
this item
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Computer Brand and Model").Value =
item.userProperties.find("Computer Model").Value
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Problem Type").Value =
item.userProperties.find("Problem Type").Value
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Phone").Value =
item.userProperties.find("Phone Number").Value
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Computer OS").Value =
item.userProperties.find("Operating System").Value
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Ticket ID").Value =
  AssignedItem.Subject = item.userProperties.find("TicketID").Value & "
- " & item.Subject
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Description").Value = item.Body
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Technician Name").Value =
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Received Date").Value = item.SentOn
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Computer Software").Value =
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("From User").Value = item.sendername
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("User Location").Value =
Item.userproperties.find("Request Location").Value
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("Task Priority").Value =
item.userproperties.find("Task Priority").Value
  AssignedItem.userproperties.find("AssignedOn").value =
item.userproperties.find("Start by").value

  ' if Task Priority is something other than normal, set the Importance
icon to !
  Select Case item.userproperties.find("Task Priority").Value

  Case "Normal"
    AssignedItem.Importance = 1
   Case Else
    AssignedItem.Importance = 2
  End Select


  Set myItem = Application.CreateItem(0)
  myItem.Subject = "Assigned Clerical Task at " & Now()
  myItem.Body = "There is a Help Desk task for you at " & chr(13)

  On Error Resume Next
  myItem.To = item.userProperties.find("AssignedTo").Value

  Set myAttachments = myItem.Attachments
  myAttachments.Add AssignedItem, 4
  If err Then
   MsgBox ("The Mail did not send because the technician was not
  End If

  Item.delete  ' after everything was submitted, delete this item

 End If
    end if
End Sub

Sun, 25 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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