Scripting Components in ASP vs Includes 
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 Scripting Components in ASP vs Includes


I'm developping a framework for websites, and the thing works
something like this...

I have different sections on my webpage... delimited by grid cells. I
have a Header section, a subHeader section, a left pane , a body and a
right pane.

For each section I call a generic event on my ASP page for each of
this sections, that will render html.

Right now I have a include file for each section, but this will
include all the modules on the server side, and its getting bigger and

So I thought... why not use classes? Sure... classes are only created
in memory for a short pediod of time, and then released... And i work
with a class one at a time... this could represent a less memory
effort on the server side... and a better programming model...

Searching on the web for information on how to do this... I've come up
with Scripting Components.

This seem to be great, but I have some questions.

First my system is, windows 2000 server and I'm developping using

1. Do I need to install anything on the server in order to use these?
2. What are the security concerns? I dont whant external users to have
access to those scripts.
3. Maybe using GetObject instead os createobject could prevent that
security issue as I dont need to register the component?
4. Is this a good solution for what I need to do?
5. Any documentation and links, other than the ones at MS, are greatly


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Tue, 28 Oct 2003 19:38:46 GMT  
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