Deleting temporary internet files and cookies using vbscript 
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 Deleting temporary internet files and cookies using vbscript

If possible, you can try FindFirstUrlCacheEntry, FindNextUrlCacheEntry,
DeleteUrlCacheEntry, etc apis.

You can write and export deleting temporary files function to a dll and
then call it from VBScript.

The following article could helps.

HOWTO: Clear Cache When Your Application Hosts a WebBrowser Cont[ie_dev]


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Subject: Deleting temporary internet files and cookies using vbscript
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I want to create a script for a company that deletes all
temporary internet files and cookies, and then starts
internet explorer with the companys intranet as startpage.

The IE thing is easy using a the method,
but I have problems finding a easy way to delete temorary
internet files and cookies using vbscript.

Anny suggestions?

Best regards
Jens Egil Evensen

Fri, 20 May 2005 16:40:19 GMT  
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