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 ASP and Crystal Reports

there is this function kasi inside a Crystal Reports DatabaseTable
object named SetPrivateData that is meant for runtime datasource
setting. this function takes in an ADO recordset as input that defines
which datasource to connect to, as well as the query. Making use of this
function inside a VB project is no problem, but when I made use of this
inside an ASP code, all of the functions and subs inside the
DatabaseTable object works, except for this one. Thus I suspected ASPs
inablility to pass a recordset as parameter.

the error i'm getting isn't a crystal report error but a VBScript
runtime error, #445, "object doesn't support this function...". the
funny thing is, if i try to remove the parameters i must pass, it
correctly detects the error that "arguments are expected and not

need help here. Thanks in advance...

Tue, 27 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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