Recursive file copy in VBScript 
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 Recursive file copy in VBScript

Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. I am in the process of writing
a logon script for our network. The only problem i have, is that as
part of our logon script, we run a file copy, to populate the Windows
Start Menu, with shortcuts to in house and Network applications. The
copy is easy enough to perform, using a shell command and running
Xcopy or something similar, but I trying to avoid using shell commands
for anything.

Simply running fso.copyfile or rather fso.copyfolder is also
unfortunately not an option, as depending on different users and the
apps they are supposed to have, the NTFS permissions on these
shortcuts change,so different users can only copy certain
shortcuts(the effect being an easy method of managing who gets wich
app) The thing is, ewhen I use a shell, Xcopy or the likes, the files
copy accross, and simply any files that a user does not have
permission to are skipped. When I use an fso.foldercopy, the copy runs
until it reaches the first file a user does not have permission to,
kicks up an error and halts the copy job at that point(only creating
half the required shortcuts)

Does anyone have a recursive file copy script, which will read the
folder structure, file by file, and then copy ALL files that a user
has permission to access????

your help will be greatly appreciated.


Fri, 29 Jul 2005 19:02:31 GMT  
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