VBS accessing foxpro db/tables via odbc 
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 VBS accessing foxpro db/tables via odbc

I have been given a task to write a stand-alone vbs which will, among
other things, access a foxpro db & a separate foxpro table.  What is the
simplest way to do this, and can anyone give me some sample code?  I
have tried the same syntax as VBScript code as used in an ASP page, but
it does not work.


Carlin Anderson

Sun, 02 Oct 2005 18:47:16 GMT  
 VBS accessing foxpro db/tables via odbc

Suppose you have a VFP database named data1.dbc located in c:\MyDBC folder
and it has a table named Table1, you can use the following VBS code to
access the table through {Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver}.

  Dim conn
  Dim rs

  Set conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
  conn.ConnectionString =
"SourceType=DBC;SourceDB=C:\MyDBC\data1.dbc;Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro

  Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
  rs.CursorType = 3
  rs.LockType = 3
  rs.Open "Table1", conn, , , 2

  Wscript.Echo rs.Fields(0).Value

  Set rs = Nothing
  Set conn = Nothing

If you want to access a free table named Table1 under c:\MyDBF folder, you
can change the connection string as follows:
  conn.ConnectionString = "SourceType=DBF;SourceDB=
C:\MyDBF;Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver}"

In addition, please make sure {Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver} is installed
properly on the machine. You can check the [Drivers] tab in ODBC Data
Source Administrator to see if it is installed. Here is the download
information about Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver:

Elan Zhou
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Tue, 04 Oct 2005 10:10:32 GMT  
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