FSCommand Controlling Layers and MediaPlayer 
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 FSCommand Controlling Layers and MediaPlayer

Hey Guys,

Just wondering if you can help me out with some coding problems I'm facing?

I'm setting up a browser based CD.

Using layers I want to overlay Flash and MediaPlayer elements, and using
the FSCommand through Flash I need to send a cue to the layer to change its
visibility state.

I also want to be able to check the visibility state of a layer on cue to
control the video playback Play/Stop&Rewind when the layer state

Layer 1 "On"          - ON Button
Layer 2 "Off"         - OFF Button
Layer 3 "Video"               - Video element

Layer 1 "On"

        When pressed this changes the "Video" layer state to visible and starts
the video playing within.

Layer 2 "Off"

        When pressed this changes the "Video" layer state to hidden and
stop/rewinds the video within.

I'm not what you would call a good code writer so this stuff is really
screwing with my head. Any help that you could offer me would be greatly



Sat, 08 Mar 2003 09:43:52 GMT  
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