Help with Outlook 2000 VBScript 
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 Help with Outlook 2000 VBScript

I have been away from any form of VB for a number of years and even then my
exposure was limited (WordBasic and VBA when it only operated from within

I am having a problem and I do not know how to get started.

I need to do several things.

*  Collect (read, store) an email subject line.
*  Get three variables from the text of the subject line.
   *  A single or two digit number
   *  Two text strings.
      *  A Name
      *  An email address
*  Open a new email message using a template based on the first variable.
*  Replace two tags within the message with the two test string variables.
*  Place the last string variable in the To: line of the new email message.
*  Send the new email message.

This action can be either started by an individual already in the Inbox of
Outlook or might be part of a larger script that is doing this to every
subject line in a given directory.

I would appreciate any help anybody can give me on this subject to include
other places to look for help.

Greg M.    

Wed, 07 Jan 2004 18:25:57 GMT  
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