Form handling with a random number of elements? 
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 Form handling with a random number of elements?

Maybe I've been taking the wrong approach and someone can point me in a
different direction.

I have a form that is built from a database that allows a user to delete
entries from a directory. The number of entries isn't set, so I "select
*" from the database and cycle through the recordset to build the form.
Each entry is named using a 'for next' loop, so that the form elements
beside each name are named "entry1", "entry2", etc.

When the user submits the form, how can I get my next form to cycle
through the entire list checking to see which entries should be deleted
from the database? I have been trying various stuff with the following
code, but none of it is working.

for i=0 to request.form("last_number")

Does anyone have a different way I can try to do this? Or a fix for the
above code?


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