WinXP Offline Files: forcing online status 
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 WinXP Offline Files: forcing online status

Hi all,
I am trying to create a script (VBScript) to force a laptop to switch from
offline to online mode automatically (to prevent not-too-smart users to work
offline even when they are connected to the network). Using a WMI script I
manage to detect the "connection event" and to force a synchronization
starting "mobsync.exe
/logon", but after the synchronization completes the laptop stay in "offline
mode" and users have to manually click the icon in the system tray to switch
online. Does someone know if it is possible to force the "online" status
with a command or VBScript?
Script will run on Windows XP Pro SP1 laptops.

Btw, I found no documentation about mobsync.exe command-line switches. As
far as I know you can use only /logon (quick synch) and /logoff (full

Thanks in advance

Mario Salomoni
IrisCube SpA

Mon, 01 Aug 2005 03:43:09 GMT  
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