using VBScript to access a function in an activex control 
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 using VBScript to access a function in an activex control


this is what i am trying to do:

    Call UserControl1.setInitialValues("", "/Palm/")
    Call UserControl1.addToFileList("PC", "Cities.pdb")
    Call UserControl1.addToFileList("PC", "People.pdb")
    Call UserControl1.addToFileList("Server", "Baseball.pdb")
    Call UserControl1.addToFileList("Server", "Cars.pdb")

<OBJECT ID="UserControl1"

note: inside of UserControl1, there are PUBLIC functions for
setInitialValues and addToFileList.

i keep receiving an error message that 1) the object doesn't support this
property or method or 2) Object required: UserControl1 when i try to access
myhomepage.htm in IE 5.0 on a client machine. does anyone know the reason
for this??? btw, when i try this in the browser on the server everything
works fine... thanks.


Sat, 24 Jan 2004 00:41:26 GMT  
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