Specifying the frame for a window.location.href command 
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 Specifying the frame for a window.location.href command

At present I have a frames page which includes a contents in
a side bar. When I use Microsoft Forms 2.0 Command Button
to run a script I can't get the page I'm trying to load to appear in
the main frame. I've tried different approaches i.e.. Default Main
frame parameters etc etc... but the page still loads in place of
the contents page.

Anyone know how to do this

My current code is as follows.

<object id="ViewHome" width="67" height="27" align="center"
      <param name="Caption" value="Home">
      <param name="Size" value="1764;706">
      <param name="FontCharSet" value="0">
      <param name="FontPitchAndFamily" value="2">
      <param name="ParagraphAlign" value="3">
      <param name="FontWeight" value="0">
    <script language="VBScript"><!--
Sub ViewHome_Click()
 Window.location.href = "home.htm"
end sub

Mon, 13 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Specifying the frame for a window.location.href command
top.frames(n).location.href="home.htm"    REM "n" = number of frame by order
defined, starting with 0

"top" is the topmost window, the whole browser window. "parent" is the
frameset window. This only matters with nested framesets.

Mon, 13 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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