open doc/excel file in frame with Word/Excel menubar 
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 open doc/excel file in frame with Word/Excel menubar

I have a simple client-side 2 frames (named "control"
and "result") html page.
I put a script in the top window to open a local Excel or
Word file in the "result" frame with this statement :

open excelfilepath,"result", "menubar=yes, toolbar=yes"

The files are well loaded in the result frame but I have
neither the menu or toolbar. I would manually modify and
save the file. I only have the rule and scrollbars.
So how to add these toolbars to a frame as to a normal
window within the method?

If not possible, do I have to add it in the Browser itself
and how? I know how to open a browser toolbar in Excel
application but not the reverse.

Many thanks

Mon, 05 Dec 2005 06:02:31 GMT  
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