VBS Commands run asynchron in Windows XP ?! 
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 VBS Commands run asynchron in Windows XP ?!


Our installroutines are written in vbs because of the programming
facilities, e.g for accessing other apllications per CreateObjects.

Before Windows XP the scripts working very well.
But in Windows XP the commands run asynchron, which has different side
For example: If an old dll is deregistered by regsvr32 with the shell.run
command and then deleted by the fso delete command
vbs don't wait for the regsvr32 command, even if the shell.run parameter
bWaitOnReturn is set to true.

It seems that vbs commands run asynchron.

Do you have also watched this phenomenon? Or still have a solution?
Meantime I use a waitfunction which waits between deregistration and
deletion of the dll.
But this is not very satisfactory.

Thanks a lot for your help

Yours faithfully

Ing. Georg Hasen?hrl

Sat, 30 Apr 2005 16:59:57 GMT  
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