Inserting Bookmarks and Text into a Word Document 
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 Inserting Bookmarks and Text into a Word Document


Thanks to all that reply.

I am attempting to write some VBScript that will insert bookmarks into a
Word document. The Bookmarks have to appear at the Top of the document like

[] Forename
[] Initits
[] Surname

..... rest of Word Document.

However I fear I am doing this totally wrong. As my bookmarks get embedded
inside one another and it looks a real mess. I am using the Word.Application

The code is:

Set MyRange1 = objWrdDoc.Paragraphs(1).range

   while Index < m2len
        with objWrdDoc.Bookmarks
            call .add("at" & (Index + 1), MyRange1)
            .DefaultSorting = wdSortByName
           .ShowHidden = False
        End With
        MyRange1.InsertBefore = (MsgIn.toMerge.options(Index).text & chr(10)
& chr(13))
        Index = Index + 1

Can anybody point out to me what I am doing wrong here


Stuart MacCallum

Sun, 27 Jul 2003 20:37:35 GMT  
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