Marking links as visited / targets concern 
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 Marking links as visited / targets concern


> Hi,

> I'd like the browser to mark a link that is visited as VISITED, but it just
> won't do this.
> Most of the links has a query, so they look like this:
>     mypage.html?param1=...+param2=
> Now, I don't want that after clicking on one link only, some 90% of the
> links will be marked as visited (since technically it's the mypage.html
> that's being "visited" all the time). I just want that the link with the
> specific query that was processed will be marked as visited.

> The other question is about targets of the <A> elements. When I set it to
> "_new" it opens a nice secondary window, but it seems that there's no way to
> customize the window the way it was possible with method.

  <A HREF="whatever.html" TARGET="_new"
     ONCLICK="open(this.href,, 'width=300,heigth=300');
return false;"
will open the link as normal when js is disabled but as a sized window
when js is around


> Any ideas will be really appreciated,
> Benjamin


        Martin Honnen

Wed, 07 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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