VBscript, ADO on windows 2000 is faster than C++ ATL, ADO 
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 VBscript, ADO on windows 2000 is faster than C++ ATL, ADO

I am talking here not about encoding streams for instance but just << common

>> ADO code.

I have lost a week of full work to a C++ component that was written with
state of the art code using
object pooling, multithreading, enlisting etc...

The same code in a VBScript is even 20% faster than a C++ object registered
with COM+
It is 40% faster than a VB COM object

- just include such ASP code with <!--#include file="aspclasses.asp"-->

Class MyScriptclass

Private .... ado objects... (in the COM+ Objectconstruct build)...

Public Default Property Get SomeProp()
    .... ado statements
End Property

Public Property Let SomeProp(Item, newVal)
    ... ado statements
End Property

Private Sub Class_Initialize
    ... ADO code like that was in the COM+ Activate event
End Sub

Private Sub Class_Termine
    ADO code that was in the COM+ DeActivate event
End Sub

End Class

Tue, 22 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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