Folder_OnMessageCreated in Exchange 5.5 Public folder 
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 Folder_OnMessageCreated in Exchange 5.5 Public folder

Trying to write a VBScript Event in an Exchange 5.5 public folder to
automatically reply with an attachment to a mesage posted into the folder.
The code below works, but can I automatically add an attachment (word
doc/Adobe Acrobat etc) to the reply. We also have "Disable Auto replies to
the Internet" disabled on our IMS connector. Can I get around this via code

Any help much appreciated


' DESCRIPTION: This event is fired when a new message is added to the folder
Public Sub Folder_OnMessageCreated
    Dim SourceMsg
    Dim ReplyMsg
    Dim Recipient

    'Create a new message
    Set ReplyMsg = EventDetails.Session.Outbox.Messages.Add

    'Set subject and body
    ReplyMsg.Subject = "RE: Inquiry"
    ReplyMsg.Text = "Please find attached the information you requested"

    'Address the message
    Set Recipient = ReplyMsg.Recipients.Add
    Set SourceMsg = EventDetails.Session.GetMessage(EventDetails.MessageID,
    Recipient.Name = SourceMsg.Sender
    Recipient.Type = 1 'This means CdoTo

    'Send the message

End Sub

Tue, 01 Jun 2004 00:20:29 GMT  
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